Lockwood Construction is a Brookline based, full-service construction company specializing in restoration. Led by Jim Lockwood, Lockwood construction has restored, built and modified numerous projects for hundreds of valued clients for more than 25 years.


In addition to high quality construction, our objective is to dramatically lower or eliminate the use of fossil fuels currently used to heat and cool buildings. Our team of architects, engineers and building contractors work towards this goal as our primary focus. We provide an action-based organization to implement the most effective carbon reduction systems currently available.


Jim Lockwood is a graduate of Brookline schools. He received a B.F.A. from Rhode Island School of Design in 1982. In 1981 he won a full scholarship to attend the RISD Rome program, in Rome Italy.


Returning to Boston he worked in construction for East Bay Construction Company, and CB Construction on both large residential and commercial projects. Jim founded Lockwood Construction Company, in 1984. Lockwood received awards for residential and commercial projects from the Historical Preservation Commission.


Lockwood has been trained as an installer of ground source heat pumps by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSPHA). He is an active member of Climate Change Action Brookline.


Jim Lockwood is a creative, dynamic leader of his company. He acts as the overall project manager, working closely with the owner and architect to develop the budgeting and scheduling. By having one project manager on each project full time, Jim gives each project the time and attention it needs. With a creative approach to construction, Jim has a unique ability to keep the project on track by assessing the current construction problems as they arise and making quick decisions to achieve the desired result in the most efficient way.


The project manager has to have the entire project in his head much like the director of a movie. The project manager must memorize the building plans, understand the intentions of the architect, the concerns of the owners, know the strengths and weaknesses of each supplier and subcontractor.”, describes Lockwood.


Of his management style Jim stated, “One of my painting teachers at RISD used to say, ‘Don’t start with the highlight on the models eyeball, but instead bring the entire canvas to completion at the same time.’ I apply this technique to building. When I observe an opportunity to put multiple trades on one site, I do. I visualize where they may overlap, and anticipate where there may be conflicts. Having this knack at 3D visualization is really helpful, especially with integrating mechanical systems in the building.”


Everything we do is with attention to energy efficiency. Construction in every environment can save energy, and money but making sure the appropriate technology and construction is used. From air sealing to tankless water heaters, to modern heating systems—we implement the best for you and for the environment.


Lockwood Construction has worked closely with the Brookline Community Foundation, a nonprofit organization that exists to promote a strong, engaged and inclusive community. BCF identifies and raises awareness of community needs, creates forums for public dialogue and problem solving, inspires philanthropy and volunteerism, and advances equal access to community resources and opportunities while strengthening and sustaining local nonprofits.


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